List of all picture galleries

  • 100-Jahre-Pfadi-in-Zrich---Ausstellung-im-Stadthaus-Zrich- (4 pictures)
    Galerie 100-Jahre-Pfadi-in-Zrich---Ausstellung-im-Stadthaus-Zrich- anzeigen 100-Jahre-Pfadi-in-Zrich---Ausstellung-im-Stadthaus-Zrich-

  • 2013, Olave-Baden-Powell-Society-Event, Luzern (10 pictures)
    Galerie 2013, Olave-Baden-Powell-Society-Event, Luzern anzeigen 2013, Olave-Baden-Powell-Society-Event, Luzern

  • 2008, 7. EuroScout Benken (SG), Switzerland (25 pictures)
    Galerie 2008, 7. EuroScout Benken (SG), Switzerland anzeigen International Scout Stamp Exhibition in Benken (SG) - EuroScout' 2008 was organised on the occasion of the' contura' 08', the national camp of the Swiss Scout movement. The visitor centre of the Federal Camp was also located in Benken (SG). The exhibition was set up in the Municipal Hall, in the centre of 8717 Benken (SG) and in the opposite hall of the Restaurant Rössli.