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Scout postcards: Willisauer Pfadilager - Villa (GR) 1959

For their summer camp in 1959, the Scouts from Willisau printed a picture postcard. It shows a colored drawing on the image page. The text page is pre-lined for the address. The camp took place in Villa, Canton Graubünden.

A map from the scout camp

The card was written on July 24,1959 by a boy scout named Felix Burger to a Gritli Kurmann in Willisau. The postmark of Villa (Graubünden) comes from the same day. The exact storage date is unknown to us. The fact that the sender of the card ordered various items - sunscreen, lemonade, gymnastic pants and a large Fresspäckli - into the warehouse suggests that it had lasted until August.

Vorder- und Rückseite - Sommerlager der Willisauer Pfadfinder 1959

















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